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Is Buying a California Lemon Law Buyback Worth it?

Is buying a California Buyback Worth it?

If you’re on the hunt for a new set of wheels and eyeing those tempting California Lemon Law buybacks, you’re not alone. The allure of snagging a practically new car at a significant discount can be hard to resist, especially when dealing with luxury brands like Mercedes or BMW. But before you take the plunge into the world of buybacks, there are crucial facts you must consider to avoid potential pitfalls in San Diego or Anaheim

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What is a California Lemon Law Buyback?

Per the California DMV, buyback vehicle is a vehicle that has been bought back from the manufacturer because of specific defects that could not be fixed. Quick note: the Lemon vehicle must be registered in the manufacturer’s name prior to resale. 

There are some requirements that manufacturers need to follow once they decide to put the vehicle back on the market:

Title and Registration Certificate

The California DMV requires that manufacturers request the Title and Registration cerfiticate to be labeled as " Lemon Law Buyback".

Title Name

Once the manufacturer buys back the vehicle, California requires that the title name be the name of the manufacturer.

Lemon Law Buyback Decal

A Lemon Law buyback decal will be provided by the DMV and decal should be displayed either on the left door frame if it's a vehicle,at the main entry door frame on an RV and on a motorcyle, on the left side.

Seller requirements when selling a California "Lemon"

When the seller is ready to sell back their “Lemon” to the manufacturer, a letter must be provided to the buyer with the following information:

Provide vehicle details

The letter must include the year, make, model, and VIN (vehicle identification number).

Vehicle title must be correct

The vehicle title must be marked as a "Lemon Law Buyback" .

List every defect

The letter must list and describe each defect that was reported.

List every repair attempt

Itemize every repair done by the manufacturer or certified mechanic.

How to Tell if a Vehicle is a Lemon Law Buyback?

If you are in the market for a used vehicle and find one priced way less than the others, it could be a Lemon Law buyback. 

By law, the seller must fully disclose that the car is a buyback and share with you what defects affected the vehicle. If you feel that the seller is not being transparent with you, check the title and registration certificate and look for the “Lemon Law Buyback” wording. 

You can also check for the decal on the left side driver door frame that states it’s a California “Lemon”.  

California Lemon Law Buyback Calculator

The California Lemon Law Buyback calculator is a tool used by vehicle owners who have defective vehicles and are considering selling their cars back to the manufacturer. 

In this instance, buyers who are considering buying a vehicle that was a “Lemon” in a past life could use this calculator to help them figure out the true value of the car. This could help tremendously when it comes time for price negotiation. 

How can the calculator help? You can estimate what the manufacturer purchased the vehicle back for and then get an idea of its real value vs MSRP. That information will add clarity to the negotiation process and could avoid paying too much for a buyback vehicle. 

How Can I Buy a California Lemon Buyback Vehicle?

Remember to verify the vehicle’s history, repairs, and warranty before making a purchase, ensuring transparency and legal protection.

To locate dealers selling Lemon Law buyback vehicles, follow these steps:

Check Manufacturer Websites

Visit official websites of manufacturers like Ford or others. Some dealers proudly participate in Manufacturer Buy-Back/Lemon Law programs

Inquire at Local Dealerships

Contact local dealerships directly and ask if they have Lemon Law buyback vehicles in their inventory.

Explore Auto Auctions

Consider reputable auto auction platforms like Manheim. These auctions often feature Lemon Law buyback vehicles, providing an opportunity to purchase them

Visit Lemon Law Specialist Dealers

Some dealerships specialize in selling Lemon Law buyback vehicles. Look for dealerships that focus on these types of cars, either online or locally.

Check Lemon Law Buyback Titles

Search for websites or platforms that provide information about Lemon Law buyback titles. These sources may guide you to dealerships specializing in Lemon vehicles.

Buying a California Buyback Vehicle: Risks and Rewards

California Buyback: Risks 

When considering purchasing a buyback lemon car, it’s crucial to be aware of the associated risks below:

⛔ Mechanical Issues: Lemon law buyback vehicles were initially reacquired due to significant defects. Despite attempts at repair, these issues may persist, leading to ongoing mechanical headaches.

⛔ Safety Concerns: A lemon car might have safety-related defects that pose risks to both the driver and passengers.

⛔ Value Depreciation: Lemon law buybacks often come with a stigma, resulting in diminished resale value. 

⛔ Difficulty in Financing: Some lenders may be cautious about providing financing for a lemon law buyback vehicle due to the perceived risks and potential for future issues.

⛔ Lack of Warranty: Lemon law buybacks may not come with a standard warranty, leaving the buyer responsible for any future repairs or issues that may come up.

Lemon Buyback: Rewards

While purchasing a lemon law buyback car comes with inherent risks, there are potential rewards for buyers willing to consider these vehicles. Here are some possible benefits:

🏆 Significant Cost Savings: Lemon law buybacks are often sold at significantly discounted prices compared to non-lemon used cars. 

🏆 Full Disclosure: Sellers of Lemon law buyback vehicles are generally required to provide full disclosure about the vehicle’s history, including the reason for the buyback and any attempted repairs. 

🏆 Potential for Resolution: Lemon law buybacks have undergone reacquisition and attempted repairs by the manufacturer. In some cases, the identified defects may have been effectively resolved, leading to a vehicle that is now free of major issues.


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Our Thoughts on Purchasing a Buyback in California

Initially, it’s impressive and exciting to find a fairly new vehicle with low miles and a great price. Like any other purchase, don’t get hung up on the price and question EVERYTHING

Ask the essential why. Why was this car sold? Why does this vehicle have a great price? Tell me about the history of this car. Why is it still available? Is the defect fixed?

By law, the dealership must fully disclose the history of the car, its title and registration, and if it’s a lemon. 

If the manufacturer was able to repair the defects that were affecting the vehicle, and there’s a warranty offered, then it could be a good deal. Usually, dealers do not offer a manufacturer warranty on buyback vehicles because of their history but as for warranty options. 

Do the research and you will find the right car for you. In our opinion, it is worth buying a buyback in California under the right circumstances.  If the price is right, the car is in good condition and an independent mechanic gave you the green light, go for it!

Buying a California Lemon Buyback FAQs

Yes, if verified, Lemon Law buybacks offer significant savings and legal protection.

Lower prices, often close to new, with legal safeguards under CA Used Car Lemon Law.

Verify repairs, warranty coverage, and transparent documentation before purchasing.

With thorough research, Lemon Law buybacks can offer great value and savings.

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