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VW Recall 2024: The Volkswagen Fuel Pump Fire Risk Recall

VW Recall 2024: Teh Volkswagen Fuel Pump Recall

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VW recall 2024 alert! Volkswagen recall fuel pump fire risk has been initiated affecting 261,257 of its VW and Audi vehicles in response to a critical issue identified within the fuel system.

This action comes after the discovery of a defective suction jet pump that poses a risk of fuel leakage from the gas tank.

This recall is identified as a potential fire risk since the fuel could accumulate in the EVAP system and leak through the charcoal canister filter element. 

Currently, there is not a repair available but Volkswagen is working on a remedy and will notify dealerships once available. 

Which VW’s are affected? What are the symptoms to look out for? 

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VW and Fuel Pump Recall

Understanding The Volkswagen Recall Fuel Pump Fire Risk

At the heart of this recall is a concern related to the suction jet pump seal located inside the fuel tank. The suction jet pump ensures the optimal flow of fuel.

However, the seal’s malfunction could potentially compromise the system’s integrity, posing a fire risk since it’s leaking fuel in the presence of an ignition source potentially causing a fire.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Volkswagen has taken swift action to mitigate any potential hazards.

Volkswagen Recall 2024 Affected Models:

Manufacturer Brand Years Affected NHTSA Recall No. Vehicle Count
A3 Sedan
Jetta GLI
Golf Sportwagen
Golf/Golf GTI
VW Suction Pump Recall Dealer Notice

How VW is Handling The Suction Pump Recall

Volkswagen has assured that all affected vehicles will receive a replacement of the suction pump at no charge to the vehicle owners.

VW dealerships across the country are fully equipped and prepared to conduct these replacements, ensuring minimal inconvenience to customers while prioritizing their safety.

The detail to note is that the repair is not yet available and that dealers will be notified once the remedy is available. 

Symptoms that your VW is part of the recall

If you own one of these VW’s or Audi’s mentioned, warning signs that this recall could affect are:

  • Strong fuel odor
  • When refueling, the fuel nozzle will be triggered to stop early because of the accumulated fuel in the EVAP system. 

Is This Fuel Pump Recall New For VW?

No, Volkswagen has previously recalled vehicles for issues related to the fuel pump in other models. Specifically, in August 2017, Volkswagen recalled 280,915 vehicles in the United States due to potential fuel pump failure.

This recall covered model years 2009-2016 of the Volkswagen CC, as well as the 2006-2010 Passat and Passat Wagon vehicles. The concern was that a fuel pump failure could occur, indicating that Volkswagen has encountered and addressed similar fuel system issues in the past.

What Should Consumers do if They Are Affected by The VW Recall?

Consumers affected by the Volkswagen recall should take the following steps:

Contact Volkswagen Customer Service

Owners of the recalled vehicles should immediately contact Volkswagen customer service at 1-800-893-5298 for more information on the recall and to learn about the next steps.

Check Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Consumers can also check if their vehicle is affected by entering their VIN on Volkswagen's official website dedicated to recalls and service campaigns. This will provide specific information if their vehicle is subject to the recall.

Schedule a Repair

If their vehicle is affected, owners should schedule a repair with their local Volkswagen dealership. The necessary repairs will be made at no cost to the vehicle owner, addressing the fuel tank suction pump issue to prevent potential fuel leaks and fire risks.

Volkswagen Recall Fuel Pump Fire Risk FAQs

The recall is due to a faulty suction jet pump seal inside the fuel tank, which could potentially leak and increase the risk of fire in the affected vehicles. This issue pertains specifically to front-wheel-drive versions of certain models.

While specific models are not listed in the provided information, the recall involves more than 261,000 cars in the U.S. It concerns Volkswagen and Audi vehicles that have a pump problem, potentially leading to fuel leaks and an increased fire risk. Owners are advised to check with Volkswagen directly or consult their VIN for recall eligibility.

Owners of the recalled vehicles are advised to contact their local Volkswagen dealership to arrange for the necessary repairs. The faulty suction jet pump seal will be replaced at no cost to the vehicle owner to mitigate the risk of fuel leakage and fire.

Volkswagen is actively recalling the affected vehicles to replace the defective suction pump that could cause fuel to leak, addressing the issue and reducing the potential fire risk. The company is committed to fixing all impacted vehicles by replacing the faulty component free of charge to ensure the safety of its customers and compliance with safety standards.

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