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How to file a Lemon Law Claim

Should you file a Lemon Law claim since the United Auto Workers strike froze all dealership car repairs? With a shortage of parts and longer wait times for repairs, a lot of folks are dealing with defective cars that just aren’t up to par. 

Right now, the US Lemon Law is stepping into the spotlight. It’s there to ensure you’re not left hanging because of a faulty vehicle. Given the current strike situation, it’s crucial to be in the know about your rights and how to make a Lemon Law claim. 

Stay with us, and we’ll lay out the steps to make sure you’re covered during these unpredictable times.

Why Should You File a Lemon Law Claim Amidst the Strike?

The United Auto Workers strike has thrown a wrench into the automotive world, leaving many car owners grappling with unexpected challenges. As vehicle repairs stall and the wait for parts stretches on, you might be wondering if now’s the time to file a Lemon Law claim

While the strike’s end date remains uncertain, your rights as a consumer are clear-cut. Here’s why you should consider filing a claim even as the strike continues.

Strike Uncertainty: 

The duration and impact of the United Auto Workers strike remain unpredictable. Waiting for its conclusion might mean prolonged inconvenience and potential safety risks.

Protect Your Investment: 

With the strike causing delays in repairs and parts availability, your vehicle’s issues might worsen over time. Filing a claim ensures you safeguard your investment against prolonged defects.

Safety Concerns: 

The strike might mean longer wait times for essential repairs. If your vehicle has a defect that poses a safety risk, it’s crucial to act now rather than wait indefinitely.

Your Rights Matter: The Lemon Law exists to protect consumers. Regardless of external factors like the strike, your rights remain. By filing a claim, you assert these rights and ensure you’re not sidelined by industry disruptions.

Financial Considerations: 

The longer you wait, the more you might end up spending on temporary solutions, rentals, or alternative transport. Filing a claim can provide financial relief or compensation, especially if your vehicle’s issues are strike-related.

Ready to file a Lemon Law Claim?

It's Been Over 3 Weeks Since The Dealership Has My Car, Can I file a Claim?

With the United Auto Workers strike already stretching into its third week, the clock is ticking for many car owners. Each state has its own rules about when you can make a Lemon Law claim. Some might be nearing the critical 30-day mark, a common threshold for many Lemon Law claims.

If you believe your vehicle is a “lemon”, especially in light of the ongoing strike, it’s crucial to act swiftly and ensure your rights are protected.

Steps to File a Claim:

  1. Check Your Warranty: Make sure your car’s warranty is still valid.
  2. Document Everything:  Keep records of all repairs and issues.
  3. Notify the Car Company: Before taking legal action, talk to the car company to let them know what your next steps are.
  4. Hire a Lemon Law Attorney: If things don’t get resolved, it’s time to get a lawyer who knows the Lemon Law.

What Might Dealership or Manufacturer Say?

They might argue:

– The problem is caused by the strike and there’s nothing they can do. 

– There manufacturer is not producing auto parts at this time and it’s out of their hands.

– They understand that it’s been almost 30 days and there are no loaner cars available.

All of these conversations should be had in writing via email or text. They will help once you file your lemon law claim.

Lemon Law Frequently Asked Questions

The strike can cause delays in repairs and parts availability. This might push some vehicles closer to qualifying for a Lemon Law claim due to extended periods without a fix.

Don’t wait. If the strike has caused your vehicle to be out of service for close to 30 days, consult with a Lemon Law attorney and consider filing a claim immediately.

Yes. The Lemon Law is based on the vehicle’s defects and the manufacturer’s ability to repair them, not the cause of the defect. If your vehicle qualifies, you can file a claim.

If your vehicle is repaired after filing but still met the criteria for a Lemon Law claim during the strike, you may still have a valid claim. It’s best to consult with a lemon lawyer to understand your specific situation.

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