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Lemon Law Case Studies: From Luxury to EV

Lemon Law Cases

Buying a new car or vehicle should be exciting, right? But what if it comes with constant problems? Don’t worry, the U.S got your back with the “Lemon Law.” 


Let’s take a look at some of the most surprising Lemon Law cases that have happened in the U.S.

When Luxury Cars Are Lemons: The Rolls-Royce Story

Luxury cars like Rolls-Royce should be perfect, right? Wrong. Even this fancy car company owned by BMW AG has had its fair share of problems that can make you wonder “Is my car a lemon?


In May 2019, BMW had to call back many cars, including the fancy Rolls-Royce Ghost, because of issues with seat belts. Then, in October 2019, more cars were recalled for problems with backup cameras. This included some Rolls-Royce models.


The 2010-2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost series even had recalls for a faulty water pump that could cause a fire. The same issue affected some BMW and Mini Cooper models too.

These events remind us that even top-notch cars like Rolls-Royce can have problems. The Lemon Law is there to help consumers if they end up with a lemon car.

How to file a lemon law claim

Electric Vehicles: A Bumpy Ride

Next, let’s look at electric vehicles (EVs). Some EVs, like the Chevrolet Bolt and Ford F-150 Lightning, have had their own problems. The Chevrolet Bolt had a fire risk because of an issue with LG’s battery pack. This led to General Motors (GM) recalling all Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs made until August 2021.


Then, there was the Ford F-150 Lightning that caught fire at a Ford storage lot. Plus, the Mustang Mach-E electric crossovers were recalled because of overheating battery contactors when the vehicle was driven hard. The fix for this was a software update.


Even though these vehicles have had issues, their manufacturers are working hard to fix the problems to keep their customers safe and happy.

Electric cars lemon law

The SUV That Wouldn't Stop Breaking Down

One couple had a bad time with their sport utility vehicle (SUV) because of never-ending brake problems. The SUV needed two sets of brake pads in just 14,000 miles. The manufacturer wouldn’t replace the second set of brake pads, blaming the couple for aggressive driving.


The couple didn’t believe that their driving was the problem. They thought the SUV itself was faulty. A jury agreed with the couple, highlighting how the Lemon Law helps consumers when manufacturers don’t fix persistent issues.

RV Problems: A Vacation Nightmare

Imagine buying a recreational vehicle (RV) for fun trips with the family. But instead, it ends up being more of a hassle than a joy.


There was a case where an RV made by Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc. had several problems. It had water leaks, a faulty air conditioning system, and more. Plus, it was not usable for over a month because it needed repairs.


The owner of the RV was worried. Would these issues lower the value of the RV if they tried to sell it? Plus, could there be more problems hidden away?


The court looked at the situation carefully. They thought about what a regular person would think if they wanted to buy the RV. Would they want to buy it knowing about all these problems? The court decided that they wouldn’t.


Because of this, the court ruled in favor of the RV owner. They decided that the manufacturer of the RV should refund the owner for all the trouble they had gone through.


This case teaches us two things. First, even recreational vehicles like RVs can have problems. And second, if you find yourself in a similar situation, the Lemon Law is there to protect you.

Lamon law claim

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Stand Up for Your Rights

Having a ‘lemon’ vehicle, whether it’s a car, an RV, or even a motorcycle, can be a big headache. You might feel like you’re alone dealing with all the problems. But don’t worry. You have rights under the Lemon Law.


The Lemon Law is here to make sure manufacturers take responsibility for their vehicles. If your vehicle has constant problems, you can ask for a refund, a replacement, or some form of compensation.


Don’t let a ‘lemon’ vehicle ruin your day. If you find yourself with a faulty vehicle, reach out to a Lemon Law attorney. They will help guide you through the process of filing your lemon law claim.


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