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Tesla Lemon Law Attorneys Battle a Model X Case.

Tesla Model X Lemon Law

Tesla Lemon Law attorneys were challenged when a defective Model X case was not taken seriously by Tesla.

This was one of the early Model X to be released but it was plagued with defects that made the car a safety risk.

Why are we talking about this case? Well, Tesla was not receptive to fixing or replacing this EV and the owner was feeling ignored. 

We will explore the Tesla Lemon Law and share Tesla Mike’s case, who grappled with their lemon Tesla Model X and came out on top.

Lemon Law criteria

Tesla Model X Lemon Case Table of Contents

Tesla Lemon Law Attorneys: The Model X Struggle

Tesla Lemon Law attorneys serve as a crucial safeguard for consumers, ensuring that vehicles that fail to meet quality and performance standards, despite reasonable repair attempts, are duly addressed.

This law is particularly significant in light of a settlement involving a Tesla Model X, that had numerous defects yet Tesla was not willing to accept responsibility until a Lemon Law claim was filed. 

This particular 2016 model X was known for not being ready for mass production but released because of the demand for the EV. The owner had multiple Teslas in the past but had never experienced so many issues that put him and his family in danger. 

The Case of the Tesla Model X

Mr. Barrett Lyon reported serious issues with his Tesla Model X, claiming the vehicle was a lemon. The problems cited were not only inconvenient but potentially hazardous:

  • Doors that would unpredictably open and close, sometimes even making contact with other vehicles or objects.
  • An Autopilot feature that behaved erratically, particularly in adverse weather conditions, posing a risk to safety by swerving into other lanes.
  • Frequent freezing of the touchscreen, disrupting the vehicle’s functionality.
  • Insufficient space for the second row of seats, causing the driver’s seat to fold forward.
  • An Autopark feature that failed to operate correctly 90% of the time.

These issues not only compromised the vehicle’s usability and safety but also its value, making a compelling case under California’s Lemon Law.

Lemon Law Attorney Checklist

Why Tesla was slow in responding until a Lemon Law attorney got involved

Mr. Barett Lyon persisted in asserting his rights after Tesla’s multiple unsuccessful attempts at fixing the failures with no end in sight.

Tesla’s speed in responding to the defective vehicle had a lot to do with not being able to fix the reported issues. It was a poor attempt to buy time. 

Because Tesla went practically silent, he hired a lemon law attorney who came to an undisclosed settlement agreement with Tesla, wherein the company agreed to take back the vehicle. 

Tesla now asks consumers to sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of the settlement agreement in an attempt to control the narrative. 

Another move was in 2019 when the Tesla buyback program was created and is part of the purchase agreement when buying a new Tesla. Once signed you have 7 days to opt-out if you read the fingerprint. 

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Potential Outcomes a Tesla Lemon Lawyer Can Get

A Tesla Lemon lawyer will work to win your Lemon Law claim for your Tesla vehicle, and provide you with a few potential outcomes. The first option is a refund of your purchase price.

This means that you will receive the full amount that you paid for the vehicle, minus any deductions allowed by law for mileage and use. 

Another possibility is a replacement vehicle. In this case, the manufacturer would provide you with a new vehicle to replace the defective one. It’s important to note that in some cases, the manufacturer may offer to settle outside of court before a decision has been made on your claim. Tesla decided to replace Mike’s M3 with a new one, that was enough to make Mike happy.

If they do offer a settlement, it’s crucial to review it with your attorney before accepting anything. Oftentimes, manufacturers will try to settle for less than what you would be awarded in court.

Refund or replacement? Which one is best?

If your Tesla lemon law claim is successful and you are offered either a refund or replacement vehicle, it’s important to consider which option best suits your needs.

A refund may be preferable if you no longer want to own a Tesla or if you have found another make and model that better suits your needs. 

On the other hand, if you still believe in Tesla as a brand and want to continue owning one of its vehicles, then opting for a replacement may be more advantageous. In this scenario, make sure that the same issues won’t arise with the new car as well. 

Compensation For Expenses Incurred During Ownership

How to file a lemon law claim

In some cases where the lemon law claim is successful but neither refund nor replacement options work out then there might also be possible compensation for expenses incurred during ownership (e.g., rental car costs while waiting for repairs).

It’s essential to document all expenses related to repairing or maintaining your Tesla car throughout its lifetime so they can be submitted as part of your claim. 

Generally, a successful lemon law claim for a Tesla vehicle can result in significant financial compensation, so it’s important to understand your rights and options as an owner.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Tesla car, document all repairs and communication with the manufacturer and consult an attorney who specializes in lemon law claims. 

Tesla Lemon Law Attorneys FAQs

A Tesla is considered a lemon if it has a substantial defect that the manufacturer cannot fix within a reasonable number of attempts, typically within the warranty period. This includes safety issues, defects affecting the vehicle’s use, value, or safety, and if the car has been in repair for an excessive number of days.

Tesla lemon law attorneys specialize in navigating the complexities of lemon law claims. They can help ensure that your rights are protected, guide you through the legal process, offer representation in negotiations or court, and work towards securing a fair compensation or replacement vehicle for you.

The process involves documenting your vehicle’s defects, repair attempts, and any communications with Tesla. Your attorney will then likely negotiate with Tesla on your behalf for a buyback, replacement, or compensation. If necessary, they may file a lawsuit to enforce your rights under the lemon law.

Many Tesla lemon law attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you may not need to pay upfront fees. Their payment often comes as a percentage of the compensation awarded to you. Always confirm the payment structure during your initial consultation with the attorney.

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