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Jeep 4xe Lemon Update: Class Action Lawsuit Filed and a Recall Fix Fail

Jeep just had their plug-in hybrid fire risk manufacturing issues worsen with a new class action lawsuit filed. 

Jeep 4xe Class Action Lawsuit March 2024Owners must decide whether to continue dealing with:

the potential fire risk,  join the civil lawsuit or file a Lemon Law claim. 

We discuss what has happened since the fire risk was announced, if the fix available works, and the new lawsuit filed in March. 

Jeep 4xe Park Outside Fire Risk Warning Was The Tipping Point For Owners

If you’re a Jeep 4xe owner, than the park outside fire risk warning is not anything new to you but did you know that owners that are fed up with the Jeep 4xe Lemon decided to file a Class Action Lawsuit against FCA

Apparently owners had had enough of the false advertising of their hybrid 4xe’s and decided that a buyback option or numerous visits to the dealership for repairs is not enough.

Even though there has been a “fix” released, there has been concerns voiced by top Jeep influencers on YouTube and the top Jeep blogs that the dealerships are not executing the fix as instructed. 

This has caused owners to distrust the fix available and the information that is being released publically. 

Can their Jeep 4xe still explode if the fix is not done right? 

Tired of driving a lemon? Call us

Why are 4xe owners claiming false advertising against FCA in this lawsuit?

Basically, what’s getting under the Jeep owner’s skin is that they invested in a 4xe because of an economical upside to be able to plug in the Jeep using the PHEV feature. 

This premium feature elevated the price of a 4xe to about $12,000. Imagine reading that your premium upgrade cannot be used because of a fire risk and also to be safe, park it outside and far, far away from your home. Seems outlandish right? 

Well, FCA continued to advertise the 4xe models selling the plugin feature, and owners were livid. How can they get away with selling a product that has significant flaws at a premium price? 

Jeep owners felt that FCA had to be held accountable for these engineering misses since it seemed that the manufacturer was not interested in making things right since there was another class action lawsuit filed in 2023. 

The 2023 class action lawsuit for fuel and oil Refresh Mode ‘Defect’.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the 2021-2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe and 2022-2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe have a defect in the “Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode” (FORM), preventing the vehicles from operating in electric-only mode as advertised.

This issue, which is triggered without analyzing fuel contamination, frequently occurs and worsens in cold weather, disabling electric driving for extended periods.

Plaintiffs argue they overpaid for a feature that does not function as represented, emphasizing that the advertising misleadingly highlighted the electric capabilities.

The lawsuit criticizes the manufacturers, FCA US and Stellantis, for not resolving the issue and merely adjusting the owner’s manual to extend the expected duration of FORM cycles.

They are accused of selling these vehicles with full knowledge of the defect, which renders the electric battery ineffective in colder conditions.

There is no Doubt That FCA and Stellantis Has a Problem

In my opinion, it’s clear that FCA/Stellantis has another “lemon” on their hands. The issue here is how they intend to get out of this nightmare. 

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has not been very vocal about their troubles with their 4xe product but he has been very vocal that these technologies are expensive and require numerous resources to get these vehicles running right. 

There has been a lack of transparency on why this problem with the battery pack is happening. Many suspect that the engineers at FCA haven’t gotten to the root of the problem yet. 

The 4xe uses a Samsung SDI 400-volt lithium-ion battery pack which has a less-than-stellar reputation in the market. Are the past problems with this battery pack haunting FCA?

Jeep Wrangler 4xe Recall

The Samsung SDI battery pack has a past

Ford and BMW used this battery pack for some of their models which ended up being recalled because of the pack’s failure to perform as intended. 

This is a huge red flag since Samsung voluntarily recalled the battery packs in the US back in 2022 because of “poor welding between cell terminals and bus bars”.

If this was a well-documented issue, why would Stellantis use this product knowing there were problems with other PHEVs like the Ford Kuga and multiple BMW models using the same pack?

Samsung SDI Battery Pack

My Take on the Jeep 4xe Lemon Drama

Before I get on my soapbox, I want to be transparent and say that I’m not a fan of Jeep. I like their vehicles on paper and they look really cool but quality has never been their strong suit and by the looks of it, they are not gaining any ground in that regard.

As for the 4xe, to me, it’s a Lemon. FCA/Stellantis tried to keep up with the PHEV demand and released a product not ready for mass consumption. 

If I were a 4xe owner, I would “Lemon” the 4xe and wait until the technology is more advanced and reliable to buy another PHEV. Honestly, the way the car industry is moving, PHEVs will be phased out of the market anyway and EV and hydrogen fuel cells will be the technology of choice. 

If you are a 4xe owner and have had enough, give us a call at (323)798-9554 and we can help you get your lemon claim started. Many owners are not happy with the buyback that Jeep is offering because they are not offering enough. 

 Your vehicle is to get you from point A to point B safely without drama or safety concerns. Stop dealing with a product that is not able to do the job right. 


Jeep 4xe Lemon FAQ's

The latest lawsuit alleges that the 2021-2023 model year Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrids have a defect that can cause the vehicles to catch fire or explode. This defect is linked to issues within the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) battery system. FCA issued a recall in November 2023 to address these safety concerns, but the class action suggests that the problem might still be unresolved, posing serious risks to owners and users.

Plaintiffs in the class action are seeking compensation for the alleged defect that impedes the electric-only driving capability of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and possibly poses a fire hazard. The lawsuit emphasizes that owners paid a premium for features that are not functioning as advertised, including the electric-only driving mode. This mode frequently becomes unavailable due to the FORM (Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode) defect, which is triggered more often and lasts longer than expected, particularly in colder weather.

The primary complaint in the class action lawsuit against Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models (2021-2023 and 2022-2023 respectively) is the malfunction of the Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode (FORM). This defect frequently prevents the vehicles from operating in electric-only mode, particularly during cold weather, which significantly diminishes the functionality of the electric battery.

FORM is designed to prevent engine and fuel system damage from stale fuel and maintain engine lubrication. However, in the Jeep 4xe models, the FORM cycle can be triggered without an analysis of fuel contamination, often forcing the vehicle to run solely on gasoline and disable the electric-only driving mode for unspecified periods.

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