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Our team of expert advocates intimately understands the challenges and frustrations you’re facing with a lemon vehicle.

We not only empathize with your situation, but we also bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record in handling such cases.

Time is indeed of the essence, and we recognize that promptly filing a claim is crucial in seeking a swift and favorable resolution.

Our approach is rooted in a deep commitment to your needs, ensuring that every step we take is aligned with achieving the best possible outcome for you.

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Is my car a lemon?

Many car owners that ask themselves “Is my car a lemon?” have a rocky relationship with their vehicles. Cars that keep on breaking down under warranty for the same reason might be trying to tell you something.

We’ll help you determine if your car is a lemon and provide instructions on how to use the Lemon Law to replace your faulty vehicle with a reliable one.

What is a Lemon Vehicle?

A lemon car is a new or used vehicle that has significant defects that impair its use, value, or safety. It cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts by the manufacturer or dealer.

To add clarity, the number of attempts and timeframe varies by state. Generally, it’s three or more attempts at fixing the problem or the vehicle is more than 30 days at an authorized shop or dealership within the first 12 to 18 months of ownership.

I Think My Car is a Lemon

If you suspect that your car is a lemon, you need to ask yourself the 5 important questions below. Depending on the answer, you will walk away with a clear answer and ready to take the next steps. 

🍋 Does your new/used car have repeated problems, such as engine or transmission issues? Does it seem like a manufacturer defect? 

🍋 Does your car have electrical problems, or safety issues that cannot be repaired after multiple attempts?

🍋 Is the car spending an excessive amount of time (at least 30 days) at an authorized dealership for repairs? 

🍋 Are you dealing with unresolved recalls or defects that pose a safety risk? 

🍋 Have you followed the manufacturer’s recommendations and still the problem persists? 

If 3 of your answers a yes, then you have a lemon and your next step is to file a Lemon Law claim to either be awarded a replacement vehicle or a full refund. 

Lemon Cars: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Spending Too Much For The Same Repair?

The average initial cost of a vehicle is $33,000, which doesn’t sound unreasonable. However, the average lifetime cost of maintaining a new or used car is about 20% of the purchase price. 

If your maintenance costs surpass the 20% purchase price, you might want to take a closer look. You might want to start considering how the Lemon Law can protect you.

My Mechanic is Afraid to Continue to Work on My Car

This may be one of the most troubling signs associated with a lemon car. If your trusted mechanic cannot bring himself to work on an issue that keeps on resurfacing, reach out to Consumer Lemon Law for advice on what to do next. 

What Should I Do if I Think My Car is a Lemon?

If you think your car is a lemon, you should first review your state’s lemon law to determine if your vehicle meets the criteria. If it does, you should contact the manufacturer or dealer and inform them of the issue and your intent to pursue a lemon law claim.

Keep detailed records of all repair attempts, communications with the manufacturer or dealer, and any expenses related to the repairs.

Can I get a Refund or Replacement For My Lemon Car?

If your car meets the criteria for a lemon, you may be eligible for a refund or replacement under your state’s lemon law. Additionally, the law varies by state, but generally, you are entitled to either a refund of the purchase price or a replacement vehicle.

Dealing with a lemon car can be frustrating and stressful, but it’s important to know your rights and options. If you believe your vehicle is a lemon, review your state’s lemon law and follow the instructions for pursuing a claim.

Remember to keep detailed records and seek legal assistance if necessary.

Ready to file a Lemon Law Claim?

My Car is a Lemon: Next Steps

If you have been unfortunate enough to encounter a defective car and you don’t know what to do, don’t worry, you have options. Our team can assist with crafting a strategy that could yield positive results for your situation.

All in all, it’s important to understand that each state has its own Lemon Law regulations, so be sure to research the laws in your state. Albeit, some states may require you to first attempt arbitration or mediation before pursuing legal action.

Don’t ignore the signs of a lemon car. If you’re experiencing repeated problems with your vehicle, it’s time to take action. The Lemon Law was designed to protect consumers from faulty vehicles and ensure they receive a replacement or refund.

Contact a Lemon Law attorney to discuss your options and protect your rights as a consumer.

Is My Car is a Lemon FAQ's

A Lemon car is a new/used car, that under manufacturer’s warranty has significant defects that impairs its use, value or safety. 

There are 3 common symptoms that can provide you an answer: Does your car have repeated problems? Has your car been repaired multiple times for the same problem? Is your car spending longer than 30 days at the repair shop? 

Once you determined that your car is a lemon, you can prepare to file your Lemon Law claim by first gathering all records of repair attempts, communications with the manufacturer or dealer and any expenses related to your lemon car defects.

Yes, we created a Lemon Law guide, providing a high level outline of what you need to get a claim started. 

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