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Ford Explorer Recall 2023

The Ford Explorer, an iconic American SUV, has recently been thrust into the spotlight due to a significant recall in 2023. This recall, primarily centered around a rollaway risk, has raised eyebrows and concerns among both consumers and industry watchdogs. 

In recent times, the automotive industry has witnessed significant recalls, with the Ford Explorer 2023 recall standing out prominently. This recall, which has affected numerous Ford Explorer owners, brings to the forefront the importance and relevance of the Lemon Law. 

Designed to protect consumers from vehicles that repeatedly exhibit unfixable issues, the Lemon Law might be the light at the end of the tunnel for those grappling with the Ford Explorer’s rear axle bolt and parking brake defects.

Let’s review the intricacies of the Ford Explorer recall, its implications, and the broader context in which it sits.

The Core Concern: Why Ford is Recalling

Ford is recalling certain models of the 2020-2022 Explorer due to a rollaway risk. This risk emerges if the electronic parking brake isn’t applied correctly. The primary culprit? A Faulty rear axle bolt. 

These bolts, integral to the vehicle’s structure, have shown tendencies to fail, leading to potential rear axle bolt failures. Such failures could result in the vehicle moving unexpectedly, posing a significant risk to both its occupants and bystanders.

The Scope and Scale

The rear axel bolt and parking brake recall’s vast scope is indicative of the severity of the issue. With over 238,000 Ford Explorer SUVs affected, the magnitude of the problem is undeniable. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the primary federal body overseeing vehicle safety, has been closely monitoring the situation. Their involvement underscores the importance of addressing this defect promptly and efficiently.

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Ford's Stance

Ford’s response to the recall has been both swift and comprehensive. The company has been transparent about the issue, ensuring that affected vehicle owners are informed. 

Ford customer service has been actively reaching out to inform affected owners about the faulty parking brake and the necessary steps to address the problem. Mail letters have been dispatched, detailing the nature of the defect and the corrective measures in place.

A Lemon Law attorney can help shed some light on the communication with Ford and when you should consider getting your Explorer replaced. 

Broader Implications

Beyond the immediate rollaway risk, other concerns have surfaced. Issues such as a disconnected driveshaft, problems with the rear axle cover, and concerns about the subframe bushing have been noted. 

While not all these issues are directly related to the recall such as the faulty subframe bushing, they paint a picture of the challenges Ford faces in ensuring the safety and reliability of its vehicles.

The Road Ahead

Ford is actively working to rectify the issue, with a focus on replacing the faulty rear axle bolts and ensuring the electronic parking brake functions as intended. For those affected, it’s crucial to reach out to Ford’s customer service or visit their local dealership to address the problem. 

The company’s number for this recall should be readily available for those seeking more specific information. You can call Ford’s number: 866-436-7332 and provide their recall number 23S55You can also reach out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA and provide them their campaign number for this recall: 23V675.

How to file a lemon law claim

The Lemon Law and the Recall Landscape

As Ford navigates this challenging terrain, the hope is for a swift resolution that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all Explorer SUVs owners.

The Ford recall of 2023 has undoubtedly raised eyebrows and concerns among consumers regarding their sport utility vehicles. As the company strives to rectify the rollaway risk and other associated issues, it’s imperative for Ford Explorer owners to be well-informed about their rights. 

The Lemon Law, in particular, offers a potential path to compensation or even vehicle replacement for those facing persistent problems. With the law in place, consumers can find solace knowing that they have legal protections against potential automotive defects if their car becomes a lemon.

Ford Explorer Recall 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Ford has recalled several Ford Explorer models from the years 2020-2022 due to defective driveshafts that can cause the vehicles to roll away.

The Lemon Law was designed to protect consumers from unethical warranty practices. If a dealership fails to fix a warrantable defect within three or more attempts, consumers may be entitled to certain protections under the law.

Yes, the recall also includes certain Lincoln Aviator and 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair vehicles equipped with a 360-degree camera.

In a separate incident, Ford’s recall chronology mentioned an Explorer vehicle with a 2.3L engine found leaking fuel at the company’s Chicago Assembly Plant.

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