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Defective Transmissions Turn Chevy Silverados into Lemons

Defective 8-Speed Hytra-Matic Transmission

The Chevrolet Silverado, particularly the 2019-2024 models, has been plagued by numerous issues, leading to a significant number of lemon law cases.

The biggest problem reported is transmission failures. Symptoms include hard shifting, and jerking, which makes driving a Silverado challenging.

Many Silverado owners have experienced sudden loss of power, shaking, and hesitation, often requiring repeated repairs under warranty that fail to resolve the underlying issues.

So how did Chevrolet go so wrong with their transmission? Is it a design flaw? Is there a true fix or is filing a lemon law claim the solution?

Chevy Defective Transmission Talking Points

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Silverados Are Known For Their Transmission Fails

The 2019-2024 Silverado models are particularly notorious for their transmission defects, which include slamming into gear and difficulty downshifting. Additionally, these models have faced recalls for various defects.

Several factors contribute to these problems:

  1. Transmission Design Flaws: Many 2019 Silverado owners have reported hard shifting, jerking, and shuddering, which suggests fundamental design flaws in the transmission systems.
  2. Component Failures: The Silverado’s transmission often suffers from issues with the valve bodies and transmission pump gears. These components are critical for smooth operation, and their failure leads to problems like slamming into gear and difficulty downshifting.
  3. Thermal Management Issues: Overheating transmission fluid has been identified as a common problem. This can lead to further damage and exacerbate existing transmission issues.
  4. High Mileage Wear and Tear: For many owners, transmission issues become apparent as the vehicle reaches higher mileage. Problems like shuddering and shaking during acceleration are often reported at around 62,000 miles.
  5. Inadequate Repairs: Even after multiple repairs, many Silverado owners find that the same transmission issues persist. This indicates that the standard fixes may not adequately address the root causes of the problems.


Transmissions Used by Chevrolet For Silverados

The transmissions used in the 2019-2024 Chevy Silverado are produced by General Motors (GM). These vehicles are equipped with different types of transmissions based on the engine and trim configurations.

The primary types include the Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic and Hydra-Matic 8-speed automatic transmissions, both designed and manufactured by GM. Additionally, GM also offers the 8L90 transmission for some Silverado models

Which Transmission is Worse?

Without a doubt the 8-speed Hydra-Matic transmission. The 8L90 8-speed Hydra-Matic transmission has been plagued with several issues, primarily stemming from its design and implementation. 

  • Torque Converter Problems: The torque converter in the 8L90 transmission has been identified as a significant source of issues, leading to vibrations or shuddering during operation.

  • Harsh Shifts and Delayed Engagements: Many owners report harsh shifting, particularly from 1st to 2nd gear, and delayed engagements when coming to a stop or partial stop. This can make driving uncomfortable and unpredictable.

  • Shift Quality Issues: Common complaints include shift flares, bumps, tie-ups, and double engagements, which affect the overall driving experience. These issues are often more pronounced in earlier applications of the transmission.

  • Software and Mechanical Defects: Some problems have been linked to both software and mechanical defects within the transmission system. This includes issues with transmission shuddering and other performance inconsistencies.

  • Class Action Lawsuits: The severity and frequency of these issues have led to multiple class-action lawsuits against General Motors, highlighting the widespread dissatisfaction and seeking remediation for affected vehicle owners.

Is your car a california lemon?

Your Silverado is a Lemon, Now What?

Many Silverado owners have reported that getting a lawyer and using the California Lemon Law has been the best option for them. 

The Reddit r/Silverado thread shared a number of stories from owners are currently dealing with their Lemons and most have leaned on the California Lemon Law to resolve their issues.

Chevy Silverado California Lemon Law Case

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Chevy Silverado Defective Transmission FAQs

The Chevy Silverado commonly faces transmission problems such as hard shifting, delayed engagement, and shuddering. These issues are often related to the 8L90 8-speed transmission, which has been reported to have design flaws affecting its performance.

Your Chevy Silverado might be considered a lemon if it has persistent transmission problems that significantly impair its use, safety, or value. If these issues cannot be resolved after a reasonable number of repair attempts, you may be eligible for a lemon law claim.

If you suspect your Chevy Silverado has a defective transmission, document all issues and repair attempts. Contact a lemon law attorney to evaluate your case and determine if you qualify for a buyback or compensation under lemon law.

To find out if your Chevy Silverado qualifies as a lemon, complete a contact form with a lemon law attorney who can review your vehicle’s repair history and determine eligibility. Factors include the number of repair attempts and whether the issues are covered under warranty.

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