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Refund Laws For Private Sales When You Buy a California Lemon "As-Is"

Private Sale Refund Laws in California

Refund Laws for Private Sales Table of Contents

When it comes to refund laws for private sales, buyers and sellers often find themselves focused on negotiating an amicable price for both parties instead of looking at the vehicle details since the sale is “As-is”.

Buyers who think that they just scored a great deal on a used car get a bucket of cold water doused on them when they find out about a lingering defect that keeps the vehicle from running properly.

What options do buyers have once they realize that they acquired a “Lemon” and the purchase was “As-Is”? Let’s take a look at refund laws for private sales.

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Refund Laws For Private Vehicle Sales: When Is Your Purchase Covered?

Private used vehicle sales, unlike purchases from used car dealerships, do not come with any consumer warranties. In most cases, private sales are considered “as-is,” meaning the buyer takes full responsibility for the vehicle’s condition after the purchase is made.

However, there are certain circumstances in which refunds may be applicable. In general, refunds in private car sales are only required if the seller has intentionally misrepresented the item or if it is significantly different from what was described.

This means that buyers should be aware and present when thoroughly inspecting the vehicle before finalizing the purchase. It’s crucial to ask questions, request additional photos, and ask to see the title of the car, is it a Lemon Buyback?

If the seller was not transparent with the condition of the vehicle, they have misrepresented themselves and you could file a civil dispute to try to get your money back.  

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Used Car Buyers Bill of Rights

In California, there is a Used Car Buyers Bill of Rights that covers buyers who purchased a used “as-is” vehicle under $39,999.00.  The buyer should be offered a two-day contraction cancellation option agreement as part of the sale. 

If the cancellation option agreement is not a part of the deal, you will not have any rights once the contract is signed. The exception both is agreement is that it does not cover used car vehicle sales over $40,000, new cars, private sales, motorcycles, off-highway vehicles, recreational vehicles, or vehicles sold for business or commercial use (does not include pickup trucks purchased for personal use).

Is it Worth Buying a Used "As-Is" Vehicle?

Buying a used car “as-is” is a risky decision if you approach the sale unprepared. Make sure you research the vehicle’s history and have a trusted mechanic do a check of the engine, suspension, and electrical system to identify any future problems that might arise. 

Once you are clear on the condition of the car, then you can be confident when negotiating the right price for the vehicle.

Remember, when buying a used vehicle “as-is”, you do not have any protections under the California Lemon Law

Refund Laws For Private Sales FAQs

No, California’s lemon law does not apply to vehicles purchased from a private seller.

Unfortunately, there is no specific lemon law protection for private sales; however, buyers may have rights under general consumer protection laws and should thoroughly inspect the vehicle before purchase.

After a private sale, if undisclosed issues are discovered, buyers can request a refund from the seller, but the seller is not obligated to agree to cancel the sale.

Refund laws for private sales in California are limited. Generally, refunds are not guaranteed unless specifically outlined in a contract or if the seller voluntarily agrees to refund the buyer.

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